About Nipra

We are one of the largest players in the metal packaging business in the Indian sub-continent.

Nipra is in the business of producing aluminium ROPP closures and printed metal sheets. We started operations as a family owned business in 1982 and are presently one of the largest companies in the metal packaging business in the Indian sub-continent. Nipra's products cater to the packaging needs of alcobev spirits, wine, pharmaceuticals and olive oil.

Spirit closures

These closures are used by distilleries for packaging spirits such as whisky, vodka, rum, brandy, gin and other such beverages.

Wine closures

Wine closures are available in variety of decoration options with saranex and saran-tin liners.

Pharma closures

Closures for pharmaceuticals are available with retort-resistant coating systems and variety of liner options.

Olive oil closures

Olive oil closures come with the functional option of an 'easy-pour insert' for better customer experience.

Printed metal sheets

Printed metal sheets are the raw material for manufacturers of aluminium bottle caps (ROPP closures) and metal containers/cans.
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