There are in all 6 manufacturing factories located in west, south and north India. The multi-location facilities help to provide better service to customers and improve our operational efficiency. The factories are ISO 9001:2008 certified by BSI (British Standards Institute).

ISO Certificate!

  • ISO 9001:2008 certified

Sheet printing activity is carried out in 5 factories with 12 printing/coating lines (the largest fleet of metal decoration machines in India). The total installed capacity is;

  • 2.0 million aluminium sheets per month (for closures)
  • 1.0 million tinplate/TFS sheets per month (for general line cans, crown caps and twist-off caps)

The sheet printing machines are from world-class manufacturers such as;

  • Fuji Kikai Kogyo Co. Ltd. (Japan)
  • Yudogawa Machinery Co. (Japan)
  • Crabtree of Gateshead (UK)

The production of aluminium closures is carried out in 4 factories with 32 manufacturing lines. The group sale of closures is 2 billion pieces annually. There is equipment installed to produce a large variety of sizes of closures as well as machines for effects such as side & top embossing/chamfering and also sidewall printing on closures. These additional equipment enhance the aesthetic appeal of the closures.

The factories have quality control department with many instruments to ensure products are manufactured as per customer’s requirement.

The factories are reviewed on a continual basis for productivity, quality (customer feedback) and efficiency (wastage). This ensures better performance and consistent quality production.


Locations of Nipra
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