The aluminium ROPP closures produced at Nipra cater to the packaging needs of alcobev spirits, wine, pharmaceuticals, and olive oil producers. Our skilled personnel and robust machines enable high-speed, high-quality and consistent production. We offer an array of value enhancement effects using sidewall offset printing, silk-screen printing, hot-foil stamping, embossing and chamfering. We also offer closures with non-refillable valves which provide enhanced security to the brand.
Some of our hot selling products are 25/17mm, 28/18mm and 30/35mm closures for spirits packaging and 30/60mm closures for wine packaging.
The printed metal sheets are used by producers of metal packaging products such as aluminium ROPP closures, 3-piece metal cans for food and paints, aluminium cans for cosmetic packaging, battery jackets, crown corks and twist-off closures. We source aluminium and tinplate sheets from reputed producers around the world. Our coating suppliers include renowned global leaders, thus enabling us to tailor solutions to every client's requirement.
Product Bouquet

Spirit closures

Available in popular sizes and coated with alcohol–resistant internal lacquer systems.

Olive oil closures

These closures include a functional option of 'easy-flow' insert for better customer experience.

Wine closures

Available with saranex coated & tin-saran coated liners.

Pharma closures

Internal liners in either EPE (Extruded polyethylene), Cork-PVC or SBR (rubber liners).

Printed metal sheets

Printed metal sheets are the raw material for manufacturers of aluminium bottle caps (ROPP closures) and metal containers/cans.